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Flickerwood Productions Event Rules


  • All Entries will be done through

  • LATE Entries will open when the Pre Draw is posted (NO LATE FEES)

  • Entries taken at the Show will be CASH ONLY

  • Entries Close when the First Horse Runs in Each Class

  • Any entries/exhibitions/stalls/RV not paid within 1 hour of entry on SGP will be


  • $10 Refund Fee - No Refunds after the Pre Entries Close

  • Refunds will be completed the week following the show

  • Entries may not be sold

  • Rider Swaps OR Horse Swaps are allowed but not both. Any changes must be

    made in the office before the first horse runs in each class.



  • All Age Divisions are as of Jan. 1

  • PeeWee - 8 & Under

  • Youth - 18 & Under

  • Adult - 19 - 49

  • Senior - 50 +



  • PeeWee - Straight Pay

  • Youth - 3D Full Second Splits

  • Open - 4D Half Second Splits

  • Adult - 4D Half Second Splits

  • Senior - 4D Half Second Splits 2D Futurity

    • 3/4 Second Split

    • 90% Payback

    • 2019 & 2020 Foals that have not competed for money prior to BFA

      designated date are eligible



  • All contestants must have a completed and signed W9 on file before receiving their winnings

  • 75% Payback on Entry Fees in all Open/Youth/Age Divisions

  • 90% Payback in the Futurity

  • 100% Payback in the PeeWee

  • 100% Payback on Added Money

  • $1 of Each Entry goes to SGP Events

  • Checks must be cashed within 60 Days

  • Checks not cashed within 60 days of the issue date or checks that aren’t picked up

    (due to W9 not on file) will be void after 60 days

  • If you lose a check there will be a $25 reissue fee to cover bank fees


  • Exhibitions & Sessions will be sold on when Entries Open

  • Exhibitions will run in 30 minute time slots

    • Pick your time slot on SGP when Entries Open

    • Time slots are limited to 25 horses per 30 minute session

    • You must take your exhibition in your 30 minute time slot

    • We will not roll exhibitions to another times slot if they are missed

    • No refunds if you miss your exhibition time slot

    • 60 second time limit



  • Stalls will be available online at when Entries Open

  • 1 bag of Shavings is included with each stall

  • Additional Shaving are $8/bag and can be purchased ahead through SGP

  • Shavings can be purchased through the office throughout the event

  • All stalls are pre assigned and will be posted online prior to the event

  • RV will be available on when entries open

  • RV spots will be pre assigned and posted online prior the the event

  • If you want to be stalled or parked next to someone please put it in the notes of

    your entry or send us an email. These requests are not guaranteed!

  • Stall & RV prices are for Event Dates

  • Early Arrivals will have to pay an additional $15/stall and $25/RV spot

  • If stalls and RV sell out we have Overflow Stalls & RV available at Cape County

    Cowboy Church 4C Arena 1040 County Road 370, Burfordville, MO

  • Stalls and RV spots may be sold, but it is between the buyer and seller, Flickerwood Productions is not responsible for Stalls and RV Spots not bought through us



  • Drag every 5 Runs

  • Big Drag Every 50 Runs

  • Big Drag Before the Start of the Youth & Open

  • Broken Pattern or a Down Barrel will result in a No Time

  • No circling the barrels or training during a competition run

  • A Horse may not be entered by more than one contestant in the same class

  • Horses Must be ran in the order that they are drawn

  • Running out of turn will result in a disqualification

  • It is the contestants responsibility to know their draw number

  • Official Draw Sheets will be posted at the Entry Office

  • We will give each contestant a fair amount of time to enter the arena but the three

    call rule will be in effect at the announcers discretion

  • Only one horse is allowed in the arena during competition

  • No inhume treatment of any animal will be tolerated. A $100 Fine and forfeiting of all entries and winnings will be enforced.

  • Producer Decision is Final



  • Better Barrel Races

  • Women’s Professional Rodeo Association Division Circuit



  • Jeans or appropriate long pants

  • Boots with a heel

  • Western Attire is NOT required



  • Only Authorized Vendors are allowed to sell or provide services at our event

  • Anyone selling anything or providing services MUST be an official vendor through the producer

• Including selling tack, puppies, therapy services etc.



  • There is an official event photographer, no other photographer are allowed without producer consent

  • All contestants will have their photo taken by the event photographer



  • No Outside Shavings

  • No Dogs in the Arena

  • No Overnight Tie Outs

Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors

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