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Tag Team Race Entry Form

I understand by clicking Submit that Rider #1 & Rider #2 are required to roll their time into the Saturday Open 4D on the same horse they are entered on in the Tag Team Race in order to be eligible for the Tag Team Race. Tag Team Entries will be added to your SGP account by our staff and both riders MUST have their SGP account paid by Nov. 21st at 5:00pm or they will be deleted and we will move to the next team on the waitlist.


By clicking Submit you are not guaranteed a spot. We will take the first 25 Teams entered. Once the first 25 Teams are filled we will start a waitlist in the order that entries have been received and move teams up in the case that a team is no longer able to compete or is ineligible.

Rider #1 will run with all the #1 Riders (Team 1 - Team 25). Rider #2 will run with all #2 Riders reverse order (Team 25 - Team 1)

I assume any and all risk of loss or injury to myself, my animals and equipment, other animals or persons, and agree to release from liability and to hold harmless Flickerwood Productions, organizers, SGP, all horse show personnel, and volunteers.

I also hereby release Flickerwood Productions and any official, employee, director, arena, SGP or agent of the same from any claim or right of damages, which may occur to me or my horse at this show or in transit. 

Also by clicking ¨SUBMIT¨, I am agreeing for anyone who I enter, that by clicking I agree, I and anyone associated with me is aware of the release agreement and the risk involved while showing and working with horses and the transit involved. 

WARNING: Under Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, Missiouri, Nebraska, Illinois law an equine professional and equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.

Thanks for entering!

Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors

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